YouTube Marketing Tips for Your Hotel Business

YouTube is the Google owned online video portal that provides you access to number of free videos. After Google acquired YouTube a few years ago, the whole idea of marketing using YouTube got a whole new meaning. You could use the different features on YouTube to not only market your hotel business but also create an online presence that is so highly valued in today’s market. If you are using YouTube for actively marketing your hotel business, here are a few tips that can help you.

Keep the Videos Professional

Amateur videos do appeal to the viewers, if filmed properly. But since you are trying to market your hotel business, it is better to keep your videos professional. You can hire a video professional or even someone who is training to be one. The important thing is to focus on what you are trying to market (your hotel) while keeping the video enjoyable and informative.

Include Offers and Discounts in Videos

If you are running an offer or a package deal that the customers will find attractive, make a video about it and post it on YouTube without any delay. You can also come up with ingenious marketing tricks like ‘the first 100 people to comment on this video with their email ID will get an additional 10% discount’ or something similar. The trick is to encourage viewers to watch your videos.

Write SEO Friendly Video Descriptions and Video Titles

Have you noticed the description section below the video where you can add a description of it? Make sure you use that section for every video you upload. If you are working on SEO for your site, ensure that your description of the video has a healthy volume of keywords. Also, add links to your hotel site so that anyone who wants to visit your hotel site right away can do so with just a single click.

Also, while coming up with titles for your videos that you upload on YouTube, add SEO friendly keywords in relevant places. Adding keywords in this manner will ensure that your YouTube videos will pop up in search engine results on a regular basis.

Create a Channel and Encourage Viewers to Subscribe

YouTube has a feature called channels where you can create your own channel and viewers can subscribe to it. This channel will feature only the videos that you upload. So, if anyone wants to view only your videos, all they need to do is subscribe to your channel. Also, the viewers are notified via email if new videos are uploaded. This will ensure that they won’t miss a new video.

In the videos that you upload, add a small call to subscribe to your channel. Even better, make an appearance in your video as the head of the hotel and encourage people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. It is a great way to keep your fans and customers engaged.

The aforementioned tips are only a few of the many ways in which you can use YouTube to market your hotel business. Just ensure that you make use of all the intuitive features on this video site to your advantage.

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